Waste Water Treatment

Waste water treatment


Treatment System

Biological Treatment

+ Industrial Zone Sewage

+ City Sewage

+ Building / Resident Sewage

+ Factory waste water (Food, Beverage)






+ Highest water quality

+ Super high BOD loading

+ Smallest space required

+ Best solution for water reclaim

+ Lowest sludge treatment cost

+ Lowest power consumption



Chemical Treatment

+ Electronic, Plating, PCB

+ Surface treatment and coating

+ Dyeing and textile

+ Foodm beer and beverage

+ Oil and die-casting

+ Heavy metal removal

+ Chemicals...


Treatment Equipment

Kubota Johkasou

Kubota Johkasou, which has been developed and manufactured in Japan, is one of the best solutions of wastewater treatment in areas where sewage infrastructure has not yet been improved worldwide.



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Membrane Biorector System for Highly Advanced Water Treatment.




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+ Double Suction Volute Pump

+ Desalination Pump

+ Vertical Shaft Volute Type Mixed

+ Flow Pump

+ Submersible Pump


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