Air Polution Treatment

Air polution treatment


Waste Gas Treatment 

+  Flue Gas Desulfurization

Treatment of sulfur dioxide emitted form power plants and industrial boilers

+  Gas Denitrification

Treatment of nitrogen oxides emitted from power plants and industrial boilers

+  Volatile Organic Compound (VOC

Removal and breakdown of VOCs generated in printing, semiconductor and painting industries

+  Dust Removal

Removal of ask and dust from exhaust gases

+  Harmful Gases

Removal of cyanides, chlorides and other harmful gases generated in manufacturing processes.



Odor Treatment


+       Animal feed and fertilizer manufacture plant.

+      Food manufacture plant.

+      Oils and fats processing plant.

+      Leather processing plant.

+     Printing and Ink plant.

+      Foundry.

+     Sewage treatment plant.

+     Deodorization

       Removal of surfaces with foul odors generated  in Food and Casting industries